Latimer Heights is a creative code/ physical computing organization inspired by the life and inventions of Africam American inventor Lewis H. Latimer - defining science as one of the humanities through the development of expressive S.T.E.A.M. projects .


The Harlem Maker Fair  happens annually  in Harlem and is the culminating result of a  year long partnership with schools, families, cultural institutions and Latimer Heights. The Harlem Maker Fair has  emphasis projects on being active as wellness is the  need sighted and this distinguishes the Harlem Maker Fair.  

Latimer Heights  offers digital literacy workshops for children, youth, and adults at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Micro-soft, and Columbia University. 


Digital literacy creates plausible paths to addressing issues facing our lives most fundamentally: education, wellness, and access to emerging careers in technology. The Harlem Maker Fair is important because Harlem is changing around its residents. Introducing digital literacy as one of the humanities supports Harlemites in continuing Harlem's long tradition of artistic innovation using a 21st century skill set.

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